Electronic component chip anti-static vacuum tray

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Electronic component factories use anti-static vacuum trays for electronic component turnover, and mass production is determined by sampling. However, when choosing anti-static trays, attention should be paid to the details. Today, Jiabao Packaging will explain the precautions for selecting suppliers of anti-static vacuum molded chip trays!


Anti static vacuum tray

Material composition selection for anti-static tray precautions

Anti static vacuum tray, also known as "EVA foam", requires stable and safe turnover of electronic components, chips, and other components that protrude from the product according to cost and material differences, as well as real-time protection of the product's overall performance.


Precautions for anti-static tray: anti-static treatment

Many formal and large-scale vacuum packaging factories produce anti-static vacuum pallets, which have their stability in anti-static value and the length of anti-static time. However, some small processing workshops, due to their immature technology, produce anti-static trays with anti-static indicators that seriously affect the anti-static cycle and timeliness of the anti-static trays. Anti static vacuum tray generally has an anti-static period of 3-6 months; There are also anti-static trays whose anti-static cycle time is permanent anti-static.


Factory strength for precautions on anti-static trays

Anti static and vacuum plastic pallets are customized products that require mature technical support to form regulatory standards. Before customizing vacuum pallets, it is necessary to conduct on-site inspections of the factory's strength and years of experience, customer service support, factory area, etc. After determining the factory for customized vacuum pallets, mold making and sampling should be carried out to observe the material of the samples and test whether they meet the standards. This is all very important!

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Electronic component chip anti-static vacuum tray


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